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2012 8 - 9 SEP

Barcelona Ruby Conference 2012

16 talks,
16 videos
Xavier Noria
Constant autoloading in ruby on rails, by xavier noria
Ruby on Rails lets users largely forget about explicit requires. Active Support provides constant autoloading to Ruby on Rails applications, and leverages this feature to also offer automatic code reloading in development mode. In this talk we study how these nifty hacks work under the hood.
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Gary Bernhardt
Deconstructing the framework
Rails gives us M, V, C, routes, and helpers. Some people add observers and concerns, among others. We've standardized on presenters. Service objects are gaining popularity. Uncle Bob wants you to add interactors, request models, response models, and entities. That's a lot of stuff! Let's step back: ideally, how do all of these things fit together? …
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Brian Ford
Grand unification theory: writing and running code
Whether you are using a statically typed or dynamically typed language, there is typically a rigid separation between writing code and running code. Smalltalk environments focused on running code where writing code was actually a function of the running program. However, this approach was usually implemented using a snapshot of a running process th…
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Josh Kalderimis
It's not how good your app is, it's how good you want it to be
This talk is part story, part code, and part mustache. Travis CI is a distributed continuous integration system running over 7,000 tests daily. For us to get a true insight into what is going on behind the scenes we have had to come a long way by integrating and building both tools and libraries so that Travis and its many parts are not just a blac…
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Scott Chacon
Keynote: back to first principles
Nearly everything in business is changing thanks to the new availability of high speed internet to nearly everyone on the planet. Everything you know about business is probably based on knowledge that is no longer applicable. People like you have made it possible to upend nearly every business lesson learned and ingrained over the past several hund…
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Zed A. Shaw
Keynote: the top 10 ways to scam the modern american programmer
Do you want to be successful in the world of startups and Information Technologies? Then come listen to Zed tell you the 10 best ways to scam, rip off, fool, and influence today's American programmer. While focusing on the American variety of coder, these tactics are sure to work on people from all over the world with only minor modifications.
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Anthony Eden
Life beyond http
Attention all rubyists, there is a world of protocols for you to experience beyond HTTP. In this talk I'll introduce you to some of them, including the one I'm most passionate about: DNS. I'll provide you with some examples of how to use existing libraries to talk various protocols using Ruby and maybe even get into some low-level bit slinging. We'…
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Konstantin Haase
Message in a bottle
What does really happen when we call a method? How do the different Ruby implementations actually figure out what code to execute? What plumbing is going on under the hood to get a speedy dispatch? In this talk we will have a look at the internals of the the major Ruby implementations, focusing on their dispatch. From look-up tables and call site c…
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Fred George
Micro-service architecture
SOA, service-oriented architectures, burst on the scene in the new millennium as the latest technology to support application growth. In concert with the Web, SOA ushered in new paradigms for structuring enterprise applications. At the Forward Internet Group in London, we are implementing SOA in unusual ways. Rather than a few, business-related ser…
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Michał Taszycki
Programming workout
Our tools are becoming ever more efficient... Command line tools are becoming obsolete... Programmers today don't need to touch-type... Using the mouse to copy and paste is perfectly fine... You can always look up those design patterns on the web... Your IDE can do many things for you, so why do you even need to think? Can you feel it? Can you feel…
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Dirkjan Bussink
Rubinius - tales from the trenches of developing a ruby implementation
Programming is hard, so writing a programming language is hard too. If you think that your users are good at finding and creating weird edge cases, just wait until programmers are using your code. I'll be discussing some of the dumbest, unexpected, trickiest and weirded cases that we've encountered when implementing Rubinius. No shaming people here…
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Randall Thomas
Rubymotion for faster client/server development
The founders of Thunderbolt Labs will take you through the process of writing a RubyMotion iOS application that interfaces seamlessly with a backend Rails API. They'll explore all of the modern iOS techniques through RubyMotion, while using Storyboards, Bundler, and pulling data from a JSON API. In the process, they'll discuss the merits and pitfal…
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Elise Huard
Tracing your way through ruby
When a ruby program gets awfully slow and you don't know why, or you have a segfault out of the blue, or your memory usage is strangely high, it's time to open other drawers of the toolbox. This talk presents an overview of the most interesting tools which allow us to have an insight in what's happening in ruby when we run a program. To name but a …
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Alex Koppel
Uniformity ain't all bad: getting consistent behavior across your api
We all love API-based applications. By letting the server focus on data handling and leaving presentation to the clients, you can create remarkably flexible applications across a variety of platforms. Best of all, you can even open your app to your fellow developers. The more clients you add, though, the more varied the requests and needs of your u…
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Zach Holman
Unsucking your team's development environment
Success can bring many glamorous changes to your company: hiring more employees, getting free coffee, and giving everyone a private jet filled with cash and endangered African predatory cats. Success can lead to less-glamorous problems, though. As you grow, your team's development environment becomes really important. How long does it take to clone…
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Paolo Perrotta
Why agile (a short history of software engineering, and other ideas that didn't work)
Building software is a young discipline, but it already has a fascinating history. For a young rubyist, it's easy to forget where we all come from, and why we do software the way we do today. Let a slightly-less-young rubyist tell you the story of software engineering - a story of big problems, brilliant solutions and miserable failures.
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