2017 4 - 8 SEP

Problems of today, wonders from the future

30 talks,
30 videos
Jerome Scheuring
Beyond Patterns: Technological Systems and The Nature of Order

Design patterns have been a part of the vocabulary of software design for some time. The patterns community in software development drew inspiration from the work of architect Christopher Alexander, at the UC Berkeley Center for Environmental Design.

Alexander's work throughout the early years of the 21st Century, however, has shifted its …

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Ashi Krishnan
Blasting React into space: Building fluid, beautiful interfaces with React and WebGL (and other exotic explorations)

At its heart, React is about describing a living, changing tree. We typically use it to build an HTML DOM tree, and obviously, React is written that in mind.

But what if I told you that the DOM was only the beginning? Your React components can describe not just HTML, but whole WebGL scenes, letting you seamlessly integrate beautiful, GPU-a…

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Steve Kinney
Bringing Back the 1990s: The Revenge of JavaScript Style Sheets

JavaScript Style Sheets (JSSS) was a technology introduced by Netscape in 1996. Chances are, you’ve never heard of JSSS, since it was available in Netscape Communicator 4.0. They allowed you to define custom styling rules for your web pages. You’re probably more familiar with its competitor at the time—Cascading Style Sheets. JavaScript Style Sh…

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Dr Jessica Barker
Defending the Human Network
Human behaviour is widely understood to be the weakest link when it comes to cyber security and data loss. Organisations are spending more time and money on awareness-raising of their staff, and yet the impact of these awareness campaigns is often low and short-lived. In this session, Dr Jessica Barker will use sociological and psychological resear…
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Natalie Pistunovich
Developing for the Next Billion

The next billion people going online live in emerging countries. This is a mobile-first reality, where a feature-phone or a smartphone is the main point of communication, local use of mobile apps and web is different and the infrastructure places strict limits on internet data volume. This subject is getting increased attention, and many project…

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Luca Marchesini
Ethereum, Aeternity and the Distributed Wonders

Blockchain technologies are showing the world that decentralized systems are the future wonders. Indeed, while being largely validated by BitCoin, the Blockchain enables much more than just money bookkeeping. Imagine all the computers of the planet executing programs in a collaborative way, bringing up the most resilient infrastructure ever, sha…

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Nikita Baksalyar
Exploring the world of decentralized networks with WebRTC

We read news about horrible data leaks almost every day, but we continue to trust our data to the "cloud" - that's really should be thought of as someone else's computer which is suspectible to the three-letter agencies. What can we do about it? We can return the Web to its roots: a fully decentralized system that belongs to ev…

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Chris Ford
Flying Spaghetti Monster: verifying protocols with types and finite-state machines

As we move away from monolithic architectures towards systems comprised of cooperating services, we introduce new opportunities and new failure modes. This is especially true of microservice architectures and even more so for function-as- as-service approaches like AWS Lambda. We achieve simplicity in each component, but at the cost of pushing c…

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Jenn Schiffer
Front-end Keynote


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Rich Jones
Gone in 60 Milliseconds: Offensive Security in the Serverless Age

More and more businesses are moving away from monolithic servers and turning to event-driven microservices powered by cloud function providers like AWS Lambda. So, how do we hack in to a server that only exists for 60 milliseconds?

This talk will show novel attack vectors using cloud event sources, exploitabilities in common server-less pa…

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Sahil Dua
How Booking.com serves Deep Learning model predictions

With so many machine learning frameworks and libraries available, writing a model isn’t a bottleneck anymore while putting your models in production is still a challenge.

In this talk, you will learn how we deploy the python deep learning models in production at Booking.com.

Topics will include:

  • Deep Learning model trainin…
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Adrian Cole
How to Properly Blame Things for Causing Latency: An Introduction to Distributed Tracing and Zipkin

This presentation reviews concepts, data model and architecture. It also talks about the difference between logging, metrics and tracing. The demo will have code in javascript and java (maybe also a surprise language!), but code expertise isn't required. When you leave, you'll at least know something about distributed tracing, and hopefu…

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Sam Richard
Magic Tricks with CSS Houdini

This talk will focus on the working being done by the CSS Houdini Task Force to provide us with the ability to extend the browser's render engine with JavaScript, above and beyond simply running JS on the main thread or a web worker. This talk will focus on the following:

  • What is the Houdini Task Force?
  • What types of thing…
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Ben Foxall
Making a lot of things

There's a satisfaction in creating something.

Taking a concept, chat or sketch and being able to implement something that people can interact with is one of the wonderful things about the area that we work in.

I'll talk about what it means to be creative, it's benefits, and how we can optimise our approaches to building software & …

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Yonatan Mevorach
Master the Art of the AST (and Take Control of Your JS)

Think about the new tools that are taking over the Javascript ecosystem: Babel, Typescript, Rollup, ESLint, and smarter IDEs. What do they all have in common: they all take Javascript source code as input, and some emit Javascript code as output. This talk will be a deep dive into the basic building block all these tools share: Transforming your…

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Marcia Villalba
Migrating an existing service to serverless

At Rovio (the creators of Angry Birds) I worked migrating one of their products to serverless. The product is called ToonsTV and is a video on demand platform. The idea of the talk is to share my experience leading this change. How we trained the team, how we solved some of our problems, some serverless patterns we used, experience on testing an…

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Houssein Djirdeh
Once you go PRPL…

The case for Progressive Web

The mobile web is slow and we've become accustomed to developing large and complex applications with powerful desktop and laptop machines. 73% of mobile internet users say that they’ve encountered a website that was too slow to load. The world of front end development is evolving continuously with more clie…

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Chad Ostrowski
Online/Offline Equivalence: what our interplanetary tomorrow can teach us about building apps today


How do we make apps that enable full participation at any edge of the network, whether the developing world, a totalitarian state, a fut…

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James Burns
Practical Distributed Systems: Building for the real world with distributed tracing and chaos engineering

The modern developer is expected to ship features as fast as possible while maintaining world-class uptime and availability. Often times these two goals can feel challenging even at odds with each other. In this talk I will share the game-changing strategy, tools and disciplines necessary to achieve breakneck innovation velocity without sacrific…

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Luis Montes
Progressive Web Apps and the Internet of Things

The gap of what the web can do versus what must be done in a native application is really small these days.

I'd like to show that progressive web apps (offline support, push notifications, manifest, etc) are just the beginning. We can leverage newer hardware and networking APIs to build all sorts of Internet of Things types of applicat…

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Martin Splitt
Rendering performance from the ground up

When the browser puts pixels on to screen, there’s a lot of work happening behind the scenes.

While it’s well known that “GPU accelerated” is good for silky smooth animations and apps, it’s surprisingly hard to figure out what that really entails and means. This talk is a tour of what goes into painting pixels onto the screen and what we c…

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Sarah Drasner
SVG can do THAT?!

SVGs, with their potential for high-quality and performant graphics, have myriad uses on the web. By now, a lot of developers are aware of their practical uses, such as small and accessible icons, or illustrations. In this session, though, Sarah will go beyond typical use cases. She’ll cover a few practical things like styling SVG icons like typ…

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Kelsey Breseman
Smart Grid: How IoT Fights Climate Change

IoT is too often discussed in the abstract. What does it really mean to build a second internet? What does it mean to create an internet out of distributed, sensing machines which talk to each other?

In this talk, I'll show you how I'm using connected devices and distributed sensor data on the energy grid to fight climate change.

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Anton Babenko
Terraform in your delivery pipeline

Do the last step(s) and bring infrastructure management into CI/CD processes. We know what to do with the code (build, test, deploy), but we are not always comfortable putting infrastructure changes inside CI/CD pipelines. Why?

During this talk I will explain what are the most common scenarios of integrating Terraform and Packer into pipel…

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John Graham-Cumming
The New Reality of DDoS

The news about DDoS tends to focus on attack size with bigger being scarier. But the reality is different. In this talk I'll look at the vast range of DDoS attacks that Cloudflare sees, explain the trends (including IoT based attacks and when really happened to Dyn) and how to prepare for DDoS.

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Frank Lyaruu
The rise and fall of the Full Stack Database

There was a time not long ago when we used relational databases for everything. Even if the data wasn't particularly relational, we shoehorned it into relational tables, often because that was the only database we had. Now many NoSQL databases exits: Document, realtime, graph, column, but that does not solve the problem that the same data is…

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Karissa McKelvey
The web of commons


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Emin Hasanov
Using React Native + ClojureScript to launch iOS/Android apps to 1M users

Story of how a small company in Azerbaijan used ClojureScript + React Native to launch iOS/Android apps to its one million website users.

In this talk I will demonstrate, that by using modern tools you don't need to have a large team to rapidly develop high-quality iOS and Android apps. I will provide a criteria that we used to evaluate ou…

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Shagufta Gurmukhdas
Web Based Virtual Reality

Since 2016 the virtual reality technology has been a rising trend and many headsets are now out in the market with each of them having their own wonderful features. Proprietary tools for creating VR experiences have their own requirements for ecosystems, controllers, software installations etc. And the simplest of applications needs a lot of com…

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Aish Dahal
What to do when complex systems fail: A guide to chaos management during a major incident

Operational success of software is taken for granted while failure is frowned up. As technology gobbles up the world around, it is important for technologists to be able to understand the human element in dealing with major outage and for learning operational techniques in making the experience less painful. The aim of this talk is to explain in…

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