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2014 1 - 3 MAY

JavaScript, fresh ideas and what's to come next.

15 talks,
15 videos
Ben Foxall
A conceptual future for the multi-device web
We usually interact with the web through a single browser, even when we've got several web-enabled devices nearby (with even more in the future). I'll talk about sharing an interaction across multiple devices to push past the constraints of a single browser app. I'll cover the concepts required to produce this kind of interface, and discuss the web…
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James Coglan
A language in 20 minutes
Sometimes, the answer to an engineering problem is not a new library, or a new platform feature, but a new language. We often gripe about the warts and limitations of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and there are dozens if not hundreds of new languages vying to replace them. But if the future of JavaScript is, well, not JavaScript, how can everyday users …
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Joanne Cheng
Beyond the bar graph: Creative Visualization with D3.js
Turning set of numbers into a simple graph can instantly tell us a story about data, but there are times when a standard graph isn't enough. Sometimes we need to search for untradtional and creative ways to visualize our data to express our story. In this talk, we'll explore less common and unique ways of visualizing data sets on the web using D3.j…
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Jaume Sánchez
Everybody dance now with Web Audio API
Introduction to playing and modifying sounds in the browser with JavaScript. Overview of the Web Audio API and its possibilities (and limitations).
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Jesse Freeman
Five Keys to Success When Building HTML5 Games
JavaScript is an incredibly versatile language and one of my favorites for rapidly building fun casual games. In 2013 I made 12 games for the One Game A Month game jam and came in 3rd place out of hundreds of developers. It was an eye opening experience and in this talk I’ll go through the five key things you need to know to speed up your developme…
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Phil Leggetter
How to Build Front-End Web Apps that Scale
Developing large apps is difficult. Ensuring that code is consistent, well structured, tested, maintainable and has an architecture that encourages enhancement is essential. When it comes to large server-focused apps, solutions to this problem have been tried and tested. But, with the ongoing dramatic shift of functionality into the browser, how do…
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David Nolen
Immutability, Interactivity & JavaScript
Surprisingly the high performance mutation available in modern JavaScript engines is a great foundation for building high performance immutable collections. Even more surprisingly efficient immutable collections permit new ways of approaching user interface programming. While the details will be in Om, an immutable user interface toolkit written in…
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Reginald Braithwaite
Invent the future, don't recreate the past
Compared to many modern languages, JavaScript is somewhat minimal. It has first-class functions, but a supply of functional tools. It has objects, but its inheritance model is sparse and its metaobjects are hacked on top of functions. This is frustrating to some and a blessing to others. It does not force a heavyweight paradigm upon you, and if you…
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Jeremy Ashkenas
JS.Next and CoffeeScript
After a decade of stagnation, JavaScript is finally evolving once again. Instead of writing to the lowest common denominator (*cough* IE6), you can start using new features and conveniences. We'll run through some of the new ideas in ES6 and beyond, and talk about CoffeeScript features that you can use today.
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Mauro Pompilio
My girlfriend is a crypto-anarchist and she doesn't even know it.
In this talk I will explore the future of WebRTC powered apps beyond real-time audio and video. How the P2P nature of WebRTC will enable you to develop the next generation of decentralized web apps that are secure and respectful towards the privacy of your users.
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Matthew Podwysocki
Streaming and event-based programming using FRP and RxJS
What's does a mouse drag event have in common with an Array of numbers? The answer to this question may surprise you: they are **both collections**. This key insight holds the key to dramatically simplifying asynchronous programming in JavaScript. In this talk you will learn how you can use the familiar JavaScript Array methods to create surprising…
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Felix Palmer
Terra.js - A semantic terrain engine
Imagine if the world could fit in your browser. If, when booking a holiday, you could see what the pilot flying you there would see, or a bird’s eye view of the mountain, before you hit the pistes. In this talk, I'll introduce a project of mine called terra.js, which aims to make all these things possible and discuss ideas for the future.
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Patrick Dubroy
The JavaScript of Tomorrow, Today
In the past few years, the JavaScript language has evolved considerably -- and there's even more great stuff coming in ES6. The question is, when can you use these new features without locking out a big chunk of your users? In this talk, I'll show you how you can use compiler like Traceur to take advantage of the latest and greatest JS features wh…
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Pete Hunt
The Secrets of React's Virtual DOM
In this talk I’ll be discussing why we built a virtual DOM, how it compares to other systems, and its relevance to the future of browser technologies.
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Martin Naumann
Web components - A whirlwind tour thru the future of the web
Web components are an interesting set of standard proposals, promising to make web development more modular and speed up development. So - what exactly are web components, how do they work and when can I finally get them into production? This and more will be covered in this talk.
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