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Alex Koppel

Alex is Just Another Rails Developer at 6Wunderkinder and the author of the Koala Facebook gem. Before joining the Wunderkit team to make the world more productive, he helped build a leading social marketing platform, led part of a massive healthcare IT installation in California, and moonlighted as an online bookseller. An amateur cook, eager language learner, and inveterate book reader, Alex dual majored in computer science and scavenger hunts at the University of Chicago.
Baruco 2012
Alex Koppel
Uniformity ain't all bad: getting consistent behavior across your api
We all love API-based applications. By letting the server focus on data handling and leaving presentation to the clients, you can create remarkably flexible applications across a variety of platforms. Best of all, you can even open your app to your fellow developers. The more clients you add, though, the more varied the requests and needs of your u…
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