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Anton Babenko

Anton is fully certified in all 5 AWS professional certifications and has been working as web-developer, team lead and CTO during his career. He has strong interests in automation, infrastructure management and exploring ways to do it properly and as risk-free as possible. Anton was a reviewer of Terraform book printed by Packt and he is also one of active collaborator in terraform-community- modules organisation. He leads AWS User Group Norway, organises DevOpsDays Oslo, and speaks often at various technical meetups and conferences.
Full Stack Fest 2017
Anton Babenko
Terraform in your delivery pipeline

Do the last step(s) and bring infrastructure management into CI/CD processes. We know what to do with the code (build, test, deploy), but we are not always comfortable putting infrastructure changes inside CI/CD pipelines. Why?

During this talk I will explain what are the most common scenarios of integrating Terraform and Packer into pipel…

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