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Diego González-Zúñiga

Diego González-Zúñiga & Indira Knight

Diego González-Zúñiga (aka diekus) is a Costa Rican national working for Samsung in the United Kingdom as a Developer Advocate. He's been playing around with the idea of spatial UIs for some years now, starting with his PhD studies in Spain, all the way to his focus on VR nowadays – specially VR on the Web (WebXR). His main endeavour is to bridge tech and other fields like fashion, arts, tourism and archaeology to bring VR to people that never saw themselves as technologists/VR creators. He enjoys gadgets, videogames, kittens, goats, iguanas and travelling in his free (or work) time. You can keep up to date with his work at

Indira is a creative technologist and developer with a background in 2D and 3D animation, and a knowledge of WebXR, emerging technologies and data visualization. She creates prototype web applications and physical interfaces in JavaScript, Python and Arduino. She is actively involved in the development community. In 2017, along with a cofounder, she set up the Web XR London meetup group. Her book, Connecting Arduino to the web, will be published in the summer of 2018.

Full Stack Fest 2018
Diego González-Zúñiga & Indira Knight
WebXR, if X = how?

This talk will look at how WebXR can be used to design and test user interactions and interfaces. WebXR has made the creation of XR more accessible to developers and user as it JavaScript can be used to create XR projects which can be viewed across multiple platforms. This accessibility means that designers and artists have a way to easily try o…

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