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Elise Huard

After her studies in metallurgy, Elise realized job in that area were not her cup of tea, and she looked for jobs in an earlier interest, software. Since then, she’s been rolling through jobs in C, C++, Java, a masters in AI, before falling in love with Ruby and going freelance. 12 years of software have helped her get a firm understanding on what works. She’s a jack of all trades, loves reading, tinkering, food, travel, learning, and people out of the ordinary.
Baruco 2012
Elise Huard
Tracing your way through ruby
When a ruby program gets awfully slow and you don't know why, or you have a segfault out of the blue, or your memory usage is strangely high, it's time to open other drawers of the toolbox. This talk presents an overview of the most interesting tools which allow us to have an insight in what's happening in ruby when we run a program. To name but a …
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