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Josh Kalderimis

Josh is a top 30 Ruby on Rails contributor and has been working with the framework since 2008. He maintains a bunch of open-source Ruby projects, including multijson, linkedin, faradaymiddleware and his own completeness-fu. He's also one of Amsterdam.rb's organizers, and an integral part of the core Travis-CI team.
Baruco 2012
Josh Kalderimis
It's not how good your app is, it's how good you want it to be
This talk is part story, part code, and part mustache. Travis CI is a distributed continuous integration system running over 7,000 tests daily. For us to get a true insight into what is going on behind the scenes we have had to come a long way by integrating and building both tools and libraries so that Travis and its many parts are not just a blac…
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