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Krystian Czesak

Dabbling in computers since he was 6 years old, this nostalgic multimedia enthusiast, now turned programmer, is currently trying to make commerce better for everyone at Shopify. As the Payments Lead in Montreal, his role is to account for every penny that goes through the platform, hopefully simplifying the payment processing for buyers and sellers alike. He has a keen interest in payment systems but still keeps a passion for filmmaking, 3d modelling and occasionally crashing his drone.

Full Stack Fest 2018
Krystian Czesak
Killing the checkout or: How I learned to stop worrying and love Payment Request

What if payments were natively supported in the browser? This is the goal of W3C’s Web Payments Working Group first deliverable: the Payment Request API.

Now implemented in most major browsers and with the Payment Handler API on its way, you’ll never think of payments on the web the same way. We want that by the end of this presentation, …

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