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LeRenzo Malcom

Lerenzo is a software engineer currently working on a new company, Quantum Viz, specializing in big data viz for applications with massive amounts of data. He spent several years as a full stack engineer at a genetics company in New York, and created his first startup in 2014 using the Leap Motion hand controller for live collaborative animation in the browser with Live Painter. He with a varied background from front-end data visualization to back-end big data infrastructure and enjoys helping others how to wrangle big data for their applications.

Full Stack Fest 2018
LeRenzo Malcom
Unity + HTML5 = Isomorphic Game Engine?

Learn how to use HTML5 and Unity together to create an isomorphic application for games or or other visualization-intensive applications that can be run in the browser, desktop and even mobile devices without sacrificing the most powerful aspects of native environments.

The Unity Video game engine provides developers and designers with an…

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