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Michał Taszycki

After leaving the corporate universe and developing a few computer games (like Motorstorm or Saints Row 2) for the PS3, XBOX and PC, Michał entered the Ruby World. Today, he makes delicious software at Applicake, manages projects and trains fellow programmers during Code Retreats. Michał enjoys pushing people out of their comfort zones and into new rewarding experiences. He can also talk for hours about how seemingly unrelated skills (such as running, dancing, hand balancing or juggling) can help you become a better programmer.
Baruco 2012
Michał Taszycki
Programming workout
Our tools are becoming ever more efficient... Command line tools are becoming obsolete... Programmers today don't need to touch-type... Using the mouse to copy and paste is perfectly fine... You can always look up those design patterns on the web... Your IDE can do many things for you, so why do you even need to think? Can you feel it? Can you feel…
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