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Ole Michaelis

Ole Michaelis is the co-founder of SoCoded, a hackfest and web development conference in Hamburg. He's a Software Engineer at Jimdo, a DIY website creator, where he focuses on backend development. In his free time, he's building, a hazzle-free slide sharing platform. Ole is passionate about open source software, enjoys traveling, and loves Mexican food. He classifies himself as a ‘bad' German as he dislikes beer and soccer – the traditional German past-times.
Full Stack Fest 2016
Ole Michaelis
Whirlwind tour through the HTTP2 spec

HTTP2 is already here, but apparently we are not using it. Learn why it's awesome. How we can boost website performance up to 50%. The missing pieces of the puzzle? The glue between the apps and frameworks to the webserver, for features like server push and getting the asset pipeline out of our way!

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