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Paul Chiusano

Founder and Principal Consultant at Stage N Consulting, specializing in Scala, Haskell, Elm, and functional programming. Previously a technical lead at S&P Capital IQ, where he grew and led a team of Scala and Haskell developers successfully applying functional programming to a variety of problems. Open source contributor to the library 'FS2: Functional Streams for Scala', a library for the Scala language. Also co-author of the book Functional Programming in Scala.
Full Stack Fest 2016
Paul Chiusano
How to write a search engine in 15 lines of code

Unison is a new programming language and platform. This talk zooms in on just one aspect of Unison: its support for building large-scale, distributed systems. As a running example, Paul will work up to the code for a simple search engine, written with minimal code, and discuss how it's all done.

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