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Paul Frazee

Paul got his start in the Web working at development agencies which specialized in e-commerce and marketing. His interest in open source and distributed systems led him to the Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB) community where he helped develop a peer-to-peer social networking app called Patchwork. After a few years working on SSB, Paul started the Beaker Browser project in order to experiment with applying p2p concepts to the Web platform.

Full Stack Fest 2019
Paul Frazee
Why p2p deserves another chance

May of us remember peer-to-peer networking from the days of Napster, file-sharing, and Metallica lawsuits. Was that all that p2p was good for? What if we used it to host Websites instead? In this talk, we'll look at how p2p can be applied to the Web and what benefits we can gain from it: from sharing costs, to data privacy, to open source, and b…

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