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Piotr Szotkowski

Piotr Szotkowski is a hacker scientist: an assistant professor at Warsaw University of Technology, a Ruby developer at [Rebased]( and a founding member of [Warsaw Hackerspace]( When not coding (or [talking about coding]( he coaches at and helps organise [Rails Girls]( Warsaw and organises [Warsaw Ruby Users Group]( and [NetWtorek]( – monthly meetings of people from the NGO/non-profit and IT sectors.
Baruco 2014
Piotr Szotkowski
Standard Library, Uncommon Uses
There are tonnes of little- or virtually unknown libraries in Ruby’s stdlib, and they found their way there for a reason. Much like revisiting Enumerable’s method list times and again makes you a better Ruby programmer, so does looking into its standard library – not only because there are things you didn’t know existed, but also because the way th…
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