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Prabh Simran

Prabh Simran Singh Baweja

He's a Software Developer at, working on cutting-edge technologies in the ChatBot team. The past few months in this team have been interesting and challenging for him. He would like to share some insights, learnings and feedback from their users over the past few months. The difference in the experiences of users when talking to the ChatBot has been striking. There have been a lot of cases where the ChatBot understood each and every part of the conversation, and cases where the users were the ChatBot misunderstood the message a user was trying to convey. He doesn’t think a 30-minute talk would teach the audience the working of a chatbot, but his purpose is that they go back home interested in this topic, and explore this field and see what advancements are being made in today’s world. He doesn’t want the audience to only hear about machine learning and bots when they see the news showing an Uber self-driving car incident, but also the positive side of things related to bots, and how the future is going to change because of this. He wants the audience to think how their lives will change very soon, and few years down the lane, remember this talk at the starting point for their exploration in this field.

Full Stack Fest 2018
Prabh Simran Singh Baweja
The Future of ChatBots in the Travel Industry

Imagine the future where an intelligent assistant suggests you places you could visit on the weekend. And plans the whole trip for you as well. The bot already knows your preferences and previous experiences, and makes you an offer you cannot refuse. Won’t that be wonderful? This is the near future.

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