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Randall Thomas

Founder of Thunderbolt Labs, is a classically trained musician that took one too many calculus classes along the way and got sucked into the sciences. Being both blessed and cursed with a strange form of technology ADD, he’s worked in various industries with numerous startups covering everything from robotics, to low level telecommunications & networking to applied computing for stock trading systems. Randall is an internationally renowned speaker on practical data mining techniques and the business of startups.
Baruco 2012
Randall Thomas
Rubymotion for faster client/server development
The founders of Thunderbolt Labs will take you through the process of writing a RubyMotion iOS application that interfaces seamlessly with a backend Rails API. They'll explore all of the modern iOS techniques through RubyMotion, while using Storyboards, Bundler, and pulling data from a JSON API. In the process, they'll discuss the merits and pitfal…
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