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Rich Jones

Rich is the founder of, a global consulting firm staffed by the best hackers from the Free and Open Source software community. He is the author of Zappa, the leading server-less Python framework, used by thousands of companies and users to save time and money for their web deployments. He has worked on everything from cloud GPU clusters for medical and scientific computing to mobile peer to peer file sharing applications, and on everything in between. In his spare time, he enjoys skateboarding, dirty southern trap music, and Laphroaig.
Full Stack Fest 2017
Rich Jones
Gone in 60 Milliseconds: Offensive Security in the Serverless Age

More and more businesses are moving away from monolithic servers and turning to event-driven microservices powered by cloud function providers like AWS Lambda. So, how do we hack in to a server that only exists for 60 milliseconds?

This talk will show novel attack vectors using cloud event sources, exploitabilities in common server-less pa…

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