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Ryan Levick

Ryan originally hails from New Orleans, Louisiana, but now lives in Berlin, Germany where he works for 6Wunderkinder making the service Wunderlist. Having studied Marketing and Spanish Linguistics in University, Ryan taught himself how to code while working as Community Manager for 6Wunderkinder. Now with a few years under his belt as a member of the development team at 6Wunderkinder, Ryan enjoys learning new programming languages that help him understand the exciting world of computing in new ways.
Baruco 2014
Ryan Levick
A Dangerous Game: Safety in Ruby
Ruby is an awesome language. It allows us to tell the computer what we want it to do in beautiful, poetic ways that other programming languages simply cannot. While programs in other languages like Java or C++ mostly read like microwave oven manuals, Ruby often leaps out of our text editors as if it were elegantly crafted prose. But Ruby isn't perf…
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