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Stefanie Schirmer

Stefanie Schirmer is a Software Engineer at Etsy and an alumna of Hacker School in New York. She studied Applied Computer Science in the Natural Sciences, where she developed a type checker for a compiler of a language for optimization problems. In her following PhD project she developed metrics for the comparison of RNA molecules. Working as a postdoc at the cancer research institute of Université de Montréal, she found her way to Hacker School and to Etsy in Brooklyn and Berlin. Together with Hannes Mehnert and Jens Ohlig, she wrote a book about functional programming and curry cooking.
Full Stack Fest 2015
Stefanie Schirmer
Functional programming and curry cooking in JS
Are you interested in learning about functional programming? Are you reaching the limits of abstraction when programming in JavaScript? Do you sometimes find yourself lost in a forest callbacks? In this talk we explore functional programming concepts, which help us create powerful abstractions to master complex problems and create more simple and …
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