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Suby Raman

Suby Raman is a full-stack software engineer and multimedia artist, working for Duo Security out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. In his work at Duo, he has helped drive development of passwordless authentication in Duo's authentication service, phishing assessment tools, and more. Outside of work, he busies himself with classical composition and developing live, generative visuals with technologies like WebGL. He hopes to one day create great art with data generated from his cat.

Full Stack Fest 2018
Suby Raman
The Web Authentication API - Imagine a World Without Passwords

Passwords are a problem. We reuse them. We forget them. Worst of all, they’re easy to steal.

The Web Authentication API is now available, providing a Javascript API to integrate with strong authenticators like biometric readers, making a password-free future more possible. Let’s learn how!

In this talk Suby will discuss the history a…

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