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Yonatan Mevorach

I am a Tech Lead with an expertise in frontend technologies, and my passion is creating high-end, quality, beautiful and performant web applications.

With 9 years of experience, I'm a thought leader in the latency and web performance domain, making ShopYourWay one of the fastest e-commerce mWeb sites in the world.

I'm also an OSS contributor, blogger, active member of the local tech meetup scene, …and yet I'm still introduced to new employees as «the Javascript guy»

Full Stack Fest 2017
Yonatan Mevorach
Master the Art of the AST (and Take Control of Your JS)

Think about the new tools that are taking over the Javascript ecosystem: Babel, Typescript, Rollup, ESLint, and smarter IDEs. What do they all have in common: they all take Javascript source code as input, and some emit Javascript code as output. This talk will be a deep dive into the basic building block all these tools share: Transforming your…

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