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Developing for the Next Billion

Natalie Pistunovich ยท Full Stack Fest 2017

The next billion people going online live in emerging countries. This is a mobile-first reality, where a feature-phone or a smartphone is the main point of communication, local use of mobile apps and web is different and the infrastructure places strict limits on internet data volume. This subject is getting increased attention, and many projects are focusing on it, offering solutions ranging from guidelines to cater to a range of data plans and devices, to improving the infrastructure and bringing more affordable internet.

Getting a better picture of this will help you make your work more inclusive towards people in emerging countries, whether it is part of your job or your side project - there is still a lot to learn and even more to make.

In this talk Natalie will share her experience in the field, having researched it in Berlin, and now working on the ground in Nairobi, putting her learnings to practice. Some of the subjects we will cover include the local tech ecosystem, web apps vs. mobile apps vs. mobile sites vs. chatbots, common apps and devices, technical and product localization guidelines, technical limitations, how is this related to financial inclusion and why should the Silicon Savannah be on your mind.