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Ethereum, Aeternity and the Distributed Wonders

Luca Marchesini ยท Full Stack Fest 2017

Blockchain technologies are showing the world that decentralized systems are the future wonders. Indeed, while being largely validated by BitCoin, the Blockchain enables much more than just money bookkeeping. Imagine all the computers of the planet executing programs in a collaborative way, bringing up the most resilient infrastructure ever, sharing the computation load and the hosting of data. Some say it's the world computer being summoned, some say that perfect, unstoppable programs will be run on it. The promises behind platforms like Ethereum and Aeternity are bright, astounding and, to some extent, almost scary. Aside from the Utopian vision of a fully decentralized and democratic world, let's keep things nerdy: how do these Sci-Fi things work? Is it really useful to adopt this approach instead of the classic, centralized, one? How easy (or painful) is to develop a real-life application on them? How far (or close) is this "world-computer" from being actually a thing?