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Exploring the world of decentralized networks with WebRTC

Nikita Baksalyar ยท Full Stack Fest 2017

We read news about horrible data leaks almost every day, but we continue to trust our data to the "cloud" - that's really should be thought of as someone else's computer which is suspectible to the three-letter agencies. What can we do about it? We can return the Web to its roots: a fully decentralized system that belongs to everyone and to no one in particular. Both proven and emerging technologies, such as BitTorrent and WebRTC, can help us on this way. In this talk we'll discuss solutions applicable to the real world, with code samples in JavaScript.

The target audience: Web developers with working knowledge of JavaScript, but without prior experience in P2P networks or WebRTC. The talk will touch on basics/fundamentals and from there it will go to practical examples with actual code samples.