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Progressive Web Apps and the Internet of Things

Luis Montes ยท Full Stack Fest 2017

The gap of what the web can do versus what must be done in a native application is really small these days.

I'd like to show that progressive web apps (offline support, push notifications, manifest, etc) are just the beginning. We can leverage newer hardware and networking APIs to build all sorts of Internet of Things types of applications.

This could possibly connect some of the dots for attendees that have ideas for software they'd like to build, but not necessarily understand just how far the web has come.

I would briefly touch on PWAs in general, then move on to transport streams (sockets, p2p, etc) and how they enable communication, then move onto hardware APIs (bluetooth, USB, MIDI, etc) and how we can use the browser and isomorphic libraries (noble, johnny-five, etc) to tie things together.