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Terraform in your delivery pipeline

Anton Babenko ยท Full Stack Fest 2017

Do the last step(s) and bring infrastructure management into CI/CD processes. We know what to do with the code (build, test, deploy), but we are not always comfortable putting infrastructure changes inside CI/CD pipelines. Why?

During this talk I will explain what are the most common scenarios of integrating Terraform and Packer into pipeline and show visually drawbacks of each.

I will provide suggestions (with pros and cons) in examples: How to structure infrastructure code effectively? How to trigger infrastructure management and deployment from your pipeline? How to propagate versioned infrastructure between environments? How to make it DRY?

By the end of my talk participants should be able to implement Terraform into their CI/CD pipeline more easily, because there will be at least couple of real implementations I have made in the past (including the code which I will release on github).