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The Web Authentication API - Imagine a World Without Passwords

Suby Raman · Full Stack Fest 2018

Passwords are a problem. We reuse them. We forget them. Worst of all, they’re easy to steal.

The Web Authentication API is now available, providing a Javascript API to integrate with strong authenticators like biometric readers, making a password-free future more possible. Let’s learn how!

In this talk Suby will discuss the history and weaknesses of passwords. He'll give an overview of the Web Authentication spec and the problems it attempts to solve. He'll give code samples describing the basic implementation on the server and client. He’ll describe the user-experience and engineering challenges faced by my team in integrating the Web Authentication API into our product. He will conclude with thoughts on the prospects of Web Authentication, and why he feels it could have a significant impact on the way we web developers think about security.