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Unikernels and why they're useful (or not)

Amir Chaudhry · Full Stack Fest 2016

Unikernels, built with library operating systems, reinvent earlier ideas for the modern era, improving the specialisation of apps. In fact, there is a continuum of specialisation, with general purpose OSs at one end, unikernels at the other extreme, & containerised apps in between. All these options give developers more freedom & choice over how they write & distribute their apps. However, it also presents challenges in terms of understanding which approach is appropriate for a given use-case. As with all technology, there are trade-offs with unikernels. This talk considers the benefits & drawbacks. By stepping away from hype & clarifying misunderstandings, attendees will appreciate why unikernels exist & where they're going. Attendees will also have a better idea of when they should consider a library OS for their next project, as well as the trade-offs they'll need to consider.