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Using React Native + ClojureScript to launch iOS/Android apps to 1M users

Emin Hasanov ยท Full Stack Fest 2017

Story of how a small company in Azerbaijan used ClojureScript + React Native to launch iOS/Android apps to its one million website users.

In this talk I will demonstrate, that by using modern tools you don't need to have a large team to rapidly develop high-quality iOS and Android apps. I will provide a criteria that we used to evaluate our options and how we arrived at using React Native; show why ClojureScript is a great language to choose (as opposed to JavaScript); describe Transit format and its benefits compared to JSON and how it can be used in your language of choise; explain how and when to deliver updates to the app over-the-air using services like CodePush instead of going through app stores.

This talk bridges the gap between getting-started tutorials and complex apps developed by the likes of Google and Facebook. It demonstrates, that React Native and ClojureScript are not just a hype, but are very effective tools, that can be used today to deliver good product to millions of users.