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Web Based Virtual Reality

Shagufta Gurmukhdas ยท Full Stack Fest 2017

Since 2016 the virtual reality technology has been a rising trend and many headsets are now out in the market with each of them having their own wonderful features. Proprietary tools for creating VR experiences have their own requirements for ecosystems, controllers, software installations etc. And the simplest of applications needs a lot of complex/boilerplate code to be written to manage responsiveness, lights, etc. A-Frame is a web framework which enables creating virtual reality experiences with simple HTML without any installations needed whatsoever. It is an open source tool which provides cross platform compatibility and immediate deployment of applications without the gateways of proprietary VR app stores. Demonstrating the use of this simple but powerful open-source framework is the primary aim of this talk. The agenda of the talk will be as follows:

  • Introduction to Virtual reality, augmented reality, A-Frame, elements of HTML in A-Frame
  • Building a basic hello world scene
  • Using the inspector; Building a basic 360 degree gallery
  • Components; Entity-Component system
  • Using Javascript and DOM APIs, using with three.js
  • Interactions & Controllers
  • Best Practices