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WebXR, if X = how?

Diego González-Zúñiga & Indira Knight · Full Stack Fest 2018

This talk will look at how WebXR can be used to design and test user interactions and interfaces. WebXR has made the creation of XR more accessible to developers and user as it JavaScript can be used to create XR projects which can be viewed across multiple platforms. This accessibility means that designers and artists have a way to easily try out new interactions.

The talk starts with an overview of current philosophies and examples of UX and UI in XR and question current assumptions. It will then show ways to create paper storyboard for XR. This will be followed by an introduction to A-Frame, a Web XR JavaScript library, and how it can be used to quickly create and test different user interface solutions. It will also look at the different ways that users can interact with XR from classic game controllers, to using Arduino’s, sensors and gestures. It will wrap up with a look at how WebXR can be used with non coders to create new XR projects.